The Chainsmoker’s “Sick Boy” Not Your Typical EDM


The Chainsmokers new 2018 single “Sick Boy” is the start of a new chapter for the popular EDM group. The DJ duo of Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart have been charting hit songs since 2015 with their breakout hit, “#Selfie”. Over the years their music has evolved from a higher emphasis in songwriting, to Taggart stepping out from the booth to provide lead vocals on songs. At present the duo is at the top of their game, with a large loyal following gathered around them. Perfect time to shake things up.

“Sick Boy” may sound like a typical EDM song, but beneath the catchy beat is serious subject matter. Departing from their lighter, frothier fare the message behind “Sick Boy” is the darkest they done. It is a scathing look at the negative effects of social media on society, specifically focused on today’s generation. It focuses on how people relate to one another, projecting often false versions of themselves that end up getting interpreted by other’s skewed view. The song is definitely new territory for the group, but their strong fan base is supporting them completely.

Pall and Taggart explained the decision to change their sound in a recent interview. For Taggart it came from frustration. The artist commented that after a while you become a caricature. People learn all about you from secondhand information, and you become something you are not. By changing things up you allow your definition to be up to you. Pall claimed it was all about staying relevant, maturing as an artist and finding your voice. Both men definitely put all the frustrations they bear with the 24-hour fame lifestyle and put it in this song.

Since they began a more hands-on approach with their writing, the duo has been connecting to their listeners with songs that speak directly to them. For Pall it is about reflected their generation through their music. “Sick Boy” does that but choose to focus on a darker aspect of that generation.

Drew Madden; the Exceptional IT Professional Improving Healthcare Sector

Technology has become the backbone of many sectors. Healthcare industry is one of the beneficiaries of advanced technology. Many hospital devices have been developed and are making management of various complex diseases very easy. On top of that, we are moving from manual operations to digital systems that improve efficiency in healthcare facilities. Drew Madden is one of the leaders who is working day and night to ensure the healthcare sector grows. He is a healthcare IT professional with vast experience in project management and consulting operations.

Currently, Drew is working at Evergreen Consulting Partner as a managing partner. Evergreen Consulting Partners is a leader in providing healthcare IT expertise. The firm offers top quality advisory as well as implementation services to healthcare partners. They specialize in EMR projects that target to transform the healthcare sector. With EMR, paperwork in healthcare facilities will be eliminated. Before joining Evergreen, Drew was working at Nordic Consulting Partners. He helped the firm grow from a startup company to a leading firm specializing in healthcare IT consulting. He has also worked for Cerner Consulting where he began his career after graduating from the University of Iowa College of Engineering.

It is evident that technology is changing fast. Drew Madden is confident that the healthcare sector can take advantage of the changes to benefit patients, entrepreneurs, and other healthcare players. From where we stand, the industry has technology that can be improved to make operations better. Currently, many doctors use a manual process to get patients’ diagnostic data. At times, the data can be lacking, and it becomes difficult for the doctors to get actionable recommendations. There is room to come up with technologies that can generate health reports to assist doctors.

When it comes to scheduling and communication platforms, many healthcare facilities use a paper-based system which is prone to mistakes. It is therefore essential to adopt technologies that will have a scheduling and communication platforms that are better than paperwork system. Healthcare facilities have tracking systems that are not effective. They should get real-time tracking systems that will increase department cooperation and reduce delays.


Dr. Saad Saad comes from a family of eight siblings. Raised and educated, he has grown to be of enormous impact to the society. He earned his medical degree in Cairo which took a lot of dedication and hard work. His hard work was attributed to his background which was a poor one. Therefore, he had to study hard to ensure that his dreams come true. In the course of his education, he did some test that would change his life forever as they gave him the opportunity to train in the United States where many of his successes are evident.

His ambition and passion have made him be a successful pediatric doctor and surgeon. He has had the privilege to serve many people both in his residence and beyond. This dream of being a doctor grew from childhood as he discovered that he cannot handle outside jobs and hence had to work with lots of efforts to ensure he secures a position in a conditioned environment.

Dr. Saad Saad has had the chance to work with many doctors in different countries as he aims to improve the healthcare. He works to ensure that there is better medical care, especially for the children. This has made him get the chance to do thousands of operations and work to make discoveries that would improve care. His perfection and skills have given him the opportunity to work in many hospitals and even had the privilege to relocate to Saudi to treat the royal family.

As a doctor, he has used his skills to serve all people regardless of their background and status. Therefore, he has worked in different hospitals which are of different classes. He has done surgeries ranging from the smallest to the most complex as he ensures all the required equipment are available and through his perfection, he has earned more respect. People get hope through his Medicare. For instance, he was able to save the youngest boy ever to be admitted with an aneurysm. He afterward wrote a journal explaining of his challenges with the means of educating others. Learn more:

To increase on medical care, Dr. Saad Saad assisted in the foundation and development of a surgical program for Saudi students. It has helped many students to get their surgical training from home rather than go abroad to be trained. It has enabled the Saudi doctors to be equipped in their homeland and be beneficial in their place increasing the medical care in the region.

In conclusion, we see Dr. Saad Saad as a doctor with a caring heart. He has helped many people to get their medical care especially the children. He is also a rock for some people who have pursued medicinal degrees. He has, therefore, been a cause of change in medicine.


Betsy DeVos and Educational Wishes

Betsy DeVos is a familiar sight to the American public. That makes full sense, too. The United States’ Secretary of Education has been a fixture right next to President Donald Trump for a quite a while at this point. People who see her from a distance may make certain assumptions about her. They may think that her ideas are always in tune with those that are associated with the current President. That’s honestly not reality, though. This spirited educational system aficionado has a brain of her own. She’s not in fear of using it, either. President Trump made some choices that involve gender identity, restroom use and educational environments. DeVos, however, didn’t necessarily have his same attitude about them. Since she’s the epitome of coolness, she works hard to maintain an aura of serenity. She doesn’t let other people guess what she’s thinking at all times, either. That’s a big part of the reason she’s been able to carve a name for herself in the political and philanthropic universes.


Individuals who reside in Michigan have a lot of expertise about DeVos. They have a lot of expertise about her prominent husband, Dick, too. They’ve read and seen so much about the duo. They have significant insight that relates to their political actions and donations overall. They know precisely how they feel about the nation’s educational system, too. Betsy and her husband have never ever been the types of people who have thought twice about being honest about their thoughts and wishes. They’ve consistently been truthful. They don’t stand for beating around the bush.


Betsy DeVos has had access to a lifestyle that’s intriguing to many people. She, despite that, has the ability to maintain a temperament that’s good-natured. She isn’t out of touch with reality in any way. That’s exactly what motivates her to speak out about things in the country. She has the sensitivity that’s necessary to see where other people are coming from. She aims to comprehend individuals in the United States who have had life experiences so far that are nothing like her own. When she reaches out to the parents of little ones, she empathizes with them. She wants to hear their plights. She wants to assess what she can do to help their causes advance. Educational choice has been the heart and soul of her efforts for a long while. She feels for parents who are vulnerable. She acknowledges that there are some people in the United States who have the wherewithal necessary to prioritize schools for their kids. She acknowledges, too, that there are many who do not. DeVos is a good listener. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has done so much for the United States and its citizens for approaching three decades. It’s an organization that stresses the power of art. It’s one that stresses the potential of culture, education, medical care and much more, too. DeVos doesn’t sweat the little things in life. She knows how to pinpoint the things that count.


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The Answer to the Issue of Digital Contraband

The main issue with supporting incarcerated individuals with communications technology is the fact that many of them can use it to continue to break the law. Evidence of this can be found throughout the prison system, with inmates smuggling in cell phones in order for them to continue their illegal business outside of jailhouse walls. Securus Technologies is an information technology company that mainly supports inmates as their primary customer base. Business has been good since they opened their doors, but therein lies the problem; how do you adequately monitor prisoners to make sure that the technology you allow them to have is being used in a safe and secure manner? In order to maintain control over use, Securus Technologies has been working hard to develop what they call a wireless containment system. While the system has not been utilized as of yet, it is still an impressive feat, assuming that Securus Technologies can pull it off.


The wireless containment system is a network that acts in a similar fashion to a virtual spiderweb or a blanket. It is being created to cover a specific range, identifying and monitoring every mobile device that accesses a network of WiFi connection in order to communicate with the outside world. Every signal that the containment system pinpoints is identified using the unique IP address issued to all mobile devices. The operator of the system then has the ability to disable the signal, making it impossible for the caller to connect to their target. If successful, this system will be instrumental in diminishing and hopefully eliminating the problem with crime and contraband in the prison system, at least through phone and internet-based communication.


The wireless containment system is still in the testing phase. Securus needs additional time to train operators, work out kinks in the software the system will follow, and install the necessary hardware components to make it function properly. Trial runs of the system will be performed shortly after these initial tests are complete. If this program is able to do what Securus Technologies has created it for then there is no reason why it should not be an effective and reliable method for preventing the rise of digital contraband. If there is one information technology company that is up to the challenge of producing something so advanced then it is definitely Securus; a company that was created for the people in order to provide a safe and secure means for communication, regardless of personal background or past choices in life.


Dallas, Texas & The Brazilian Butt Lift Revolution

It seems like every time that you turn on the television or every time you read a magazine, the term butt lift appears. The 21st century has been able to make people feel more comfortable as well more liberal. Butt lifts weren’t always a welcomed addition in society. In most cases, butt lifts were generally received by people that was able to spare no expense. Oh how times have changed as these advanced-medical procedures are now being received by people of the middle-class. Unlike the traditional butt lifts that require much more cutting-and-sewing, Brazilian butt lifts can yield just as good results.


Liposuction is heavily used in Brazilian butt lifts. The goal is to get body fat from one body part to the next. Tiny incisions are made right on the buttocks and then the surgeon will work his magic by sculpting the best butt possible. This procedure can last up to three hours because the fat has to be purified before it goes back into the body. General anesthesia will be provided, which will create the perfect relaxed setting for the patient. Some of the major things about butt lift surgery is that you must be able to maintain your body weight before the surgery, and you must retain your body weight after the surgery. Now is not the time to be going on any kind of diet or fasting program.


Any bad habits such as smoking and drinking should be drastically limited or even completely abolished during this timeframe. Another important aspect of butt lift surgery is that the patient must be in good psychological health. If you’re unstable, then there isn’t a doctor/surgeon who will perform this service. Two high-quality mentions in the Dallas region goes to Dr. Bradley Hubbard of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and to Dr. Jon Kurkjian of J.K. Plastic Surgery Center.


Real-time Communication Made Easy with TalkFusion

TalkFusion has been in the news lately for their innovative communications systems. These communications systems are powered by the web. Users can access the Video Chat application through their mobile devices and through laptops. The new improved Video Chat application allows users to access videos, chat rooms and makes contacts in real-time.


The real beauty of the application is the accessible tools available on the desktop application that wasn’t available in the older version of the application. WebRTC technology provides the support and flexibility users require share files and access URLs. This technology also allows users the ability to manage contacts and share screens.


The new improved Video Chat application makes it easy for individuals and organizations to secure their data without the use of third-party plug-ins. This eliminates the need to go through multiple applications to make video calls. It also avoids the risk of exposure when transferring data through multiple channels. Users will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to connect with other users worldwide. Learn more:


TalkFusion has always been an innovator in communications over the Internet. The new web real-time communications technology has opened up a whole new world. Marketing and sales professionals are beginning to understand the technology’s benefits to their bottom line. TalkFusion presented an all-in-one video marketing solution that helps marketing and sales professionals with email marketing, video conferencing and file storage.


The appeal of having one login for all marketing applications is that it takes the guesswork out of choosing which application to use. It also provides a sense of security. The ease of use, however, is the biggest reason for users to utilize Talk Fusion’s Video Chat application and their all-in-one video marketing solutions.


TalkFusion has been in the forefront in adopting the new WebRTC technology for their applications. Reina feels that by staying on top of new innovations in the communications field that he’s helping save lives. Reina believes that TalkFusion’s appeal is the fact that they are easily accessible and can customize their communications solutions to fit the customer’s needs. TalkFusion is willing and able to work with both small organizations and large corporations to fulfill their communication needs.


Individuals can enjoy the benefits of TalkFusion’s Video Chat application. These benefits will enhance the user experience ten-fold with the ability to hold live meetings in real time and participate in chat rooms.

What It’s Like To Go Through Fagali’I Airport

Many people who want to visit Apia, the capital city of Samoa, choose to fly to Fagali’I Airport. This airport is right outside the city limits while the other airport on the island of Upolu is quite a distance away.

Fagali’I Airport is owned by Polynesian Airlines and this aviation company and Somoa Air are the only two businesses that use it presently. There are several flights each day back and forth to American Samoa. There are also chartered flights taking off from Fagali’I Airport which are used for emergency medical evacuations and for touring purposes.

Fagali’I Airport is a pretty small airport. There aren’t any gates or luggage turnstiles of any kind. Instead, it’s mostly a single large room where luggage is picked up and dropped off in an area designated for that. There is customs but because the planes that land at this airport only carries 18 passengers max it is quick to get admitted entry to this country. Once you leave the building there is a parking lot where you can catch a cab or get onto a hotel shuttle if where you are staying offers this service.


Once you leave Fagali’I Airport your hotel will very likely be within two miles of it. as a listing of what they consider to be the best hotels in Apia. Among the highest rated hotels are Orator Hotel, Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Su Accommodation Apia, and Hotel Millenia Samoa. These are all considered to be relaxing hotels that offer good service, nice outdoor pools, and other activities on premises.

Lonely Planet, meanwhile has rated the restaurants near the Fagali’I Airport. One of their top choices is Palusami which exclusively uses organic and local products and is authentic Samoan cuisine. Other restaurants they love are Edge, Bistro Tatua, and Sips Tapas & Wine Bar.

Most people who go through the Fagali’I Airport are doing so as tourists. There are many things to do on Upolu Island. One must-see is said to be Samoa Cultural Village. It’s open each weekday and gives people a look at traditional and authentic Samoan culture.


Logan Stout Is A Former Professional Athlete Focused On Health

Logan Stout is someone who once worked as a professional athlete and nutrition was something that was important to him at that time. He is someone who is still focused on health and passionate about creating products for those who would like to take care of their bodies.

He is a speaker and an author, and he is someone who spends his life helping to better the lives of others. He has a passion for helping other people, and that passion is seen in all of the work that he does. Logan Stout mentors youth through the organization that he founded, the Dallas Patriots.


There is a certain way that Logan Stout likes to begin each weekday, and he does that by consuming some of the products that his brand – IDLife – creates. He spends time reading the newspaper and having a quiet time with his Bible after he has consumed an IDLife Shake and an IDLife Energy Drink. After his early morning routine is completed, this man helps his sons get ready for school before he begins his workday. He works in a home office first and then heads to the IDLife corporate office later on, ready to complete work there.

The trend of people focusing more on health and wellness is something that gets Logan Stout excited. He likes to see people care for their bodies and he is happy that more and more millennials are looking out for their health. He likes seeing more people choose to eat clean and to care for their bodies in that way. He is happy to have IDLife be something that is a part of the trend that is taking place. Being the CEO, he is proud of IDLife and the way that it is helping people care for their bodies and their overall well being.

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Doe Deere Gave An Inspiring Interview With Inspirey

Doe Deere has been dubbed as the unicorn queen, and the CEO of Lime Crime provided an inspiring interview with Inspirey. Below are some of the topics the businesswoman discussed throughout the interview.


How She Makes Money And What Inspired Her To Launch Her Business

The founder of Lime Crime talked about the early days when she was designing her own clothes. She actually had her own clothing line online and it wasn’t long before she started creating her own makeup. She wanted makeup that complemented her clothing, therefore she decided to make her own.


As for how she makes money, she does it via her company. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 and since then it has grown to become a popular cosmetics brand. One of the reasons is its products are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.


Getting Her First Customer

Doe Deere talked about getting her very first customer. She launched a blog that focused around makeup tutorials, held contests and hosted giveaways. This eventually lead her to developing a fan-base and landing her first few sales.


Her Toughest Decision In The Last Few Months

In the interview, Doe Deere mentioned what her hardest decision she had to make within the last few months. The decision was finding and choosing a laboratory to partner with. She said she wanted to choose someone who shared a similar vision as she did. Doe Deere went onto say that once she finally found the right partner, she was able to experiment and have more fun with her choices of colors.


What Makes Doe Deere Successful

She believes that beauty should make people feel happy and that colors should inspire them. She added that the colors should bring out a person’s best version of themselves. This is one of the reasons why she focuses on a specific niche for Lime Crime, hence why she and her company are successful. Lime Crime is unique and is different from other brands of make-up, which is another reason she is so successful.


Satisfying Moments

Doe Deere has had a number of satisfying moments throughout her business life. One of them was being able to support the charities she cared the most about. These charities included ones that focuses on rescuing animals, kids and women. A few of the charities she supports includes Adopt NY, HOLA for Kids and Bideawee animal shelter.


Future Plans

Her future business plans involve doing what she has always done, which is create new collections of make-up and cosmetic products. She said she will always try new things and chase bigger dreams.


Lime Crime is a popular cosmetics brand and their products can be purchased in various stores, as well as on their website. If you visit Lime Crime’s website, you can learn more about them and their CEO.