The success of Lifeline Screening

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing direct consumer preventive and community-based health screenings. It was founded in the year 1993 with its headquarters in Independence, OH, and has over one thousand employees. It provides health knowledge to all the people so that they can live a healthier life and also prevent possible diseases. Life Line Screening provides screening services that will identify your diseases such as carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, and many other diseases which often do not have symptoms. Life Line Screening believes in partnering with professional doctors to help in detecting health problems in time so as to improve the quality of life.

Life Line Screening provides safe, Quick, painless and also non-invasive screening, which is done by professional and well-trained technicians who use all the valuable equipment in the hospitals and the results forwarded to the doctor. The results are aimed at marking your overall health so that if need be, you can start treatment immediately to avoid serious health problem which may occur. Life Line Screenings conduct the screenings in all the community centres in the United States, senior centres, corporations, and also places of worship.

Also, Life Line Screening offers Life Screening Health E- Newsletter that helps people focus on their wellness efforts. The E- Newsletter is beneficial to all the people since it provides guidance on how to live better and has diet guide to consume so as to avoid some diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Life Line Screening also has a Corporate Wellness Program that creates an avenue for employees to become encouraged, empowered and also educated to take control of their well-being. It educates employees on the benefits of participating in the Corporate Wellness Program, and also provide them with their current health status and future risks.

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Chris Villanueva: Redefining The Future Of Dentistry Using MB2 Solutions

Chris Villanueva is the brain behind MB2 dental solutions firm. His objective was to promote the crème de la crème practitioners in the dental care industry, both lone-rangers and corporate groups. Being a dentist, he was conversant with the challenges faced by professionals in that sector. For this reason, he started a company that would help dentists overcome these obstacles without demanding anything from them.

While designing his firm, Chris sought to redefine the services offered by dentist’s network organizations. Such groups were often seen as dreary and bland, but Chris wanted to change this perception by creating an engaging and interactive system. Rather than prioritizing profits, Villanova took a more holistic approach when creating his firm. His strategies have worked out, with the business currently having over seventy affiliates traversing six states across the nation. Also, the company has provided employment to over 500 people since its inception.

MB2 Dental solution promotes the independence of individual practitioners within the network. The firm improves dentists, which in turn leads to happier clients. Improvement of operating standards bodes well with the dentists. Hence, it facilitates the growth of business.

The future of Dentistry

Traditionally, dentists were in charge of every affair in their clinics. This involved both medical practice and the business transactions. Due to this divided attention, they were unable to maximize their primary duty, which is to treat clients. However, with the introduction of MB2 solutions, Villanueva aims to eradicate this problem.

Through joining practice management programs, private dentists can compete with the big boys in the industry. According to Chris, if several doctors come together, they can demand higher reimbursements. By aggregation of talent, they can match the economies of scale of the big corporate groups.

Engaging in affiliate network does not strip sole practitioners of autonomy. The firm only provides guidance, but the individual doctor makes all the critical decisions. However, joining this groups may prove beneficial as members often share their challenges and work issues over the affiliate network. Additionally, get together meetings are usually organized to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

On the future of dentistry, Chris said that improvement of the clinic has become too mainstream. To stay on top of the game, MB2 is encouraging doctors to co-invest in each other’s businesses. The company is entirely made of physicians, who are responsible for every corporate strategy including expansion. This unique way of operation has made MB2 a leading business choice for medical practitioners.