How Vital is Securus Technologies to Prison Safety?

In order to understand how important Securus Technologies is to prison safety, it is important to look at the conditions today compared to only a few years ago. As a prison guard, I have see the incidents of violence in our prison escalate at an alarming rate in the last few years. I can remember a time not too long ago where we could walk among the inmate population and actually converse like respectful adults. Today, these new generation gangsters will cut your throat if given the chance.


Part of the reason the inmates are so violent these days has to be attributed to a number of factors. Perhaps the biggest factor has to be overcrowding. These inmates have zero privacy anymore, packed in their cells form hours a day with six to a small space, and then stuck in the mess hall or the yard with thousands of men who are itching to just have some normalcy. If these men are able to get access to drugs, they can go from a controlled individual to one that will snap in the blink of an eye.


How does Securus Technologies come into the mix?


Securus Technologies developed a telephone monitoring system that is able to scan dozens of calls without a live officer needed. This not only frees up my staff, the LBS software can be more accurate and alert officers if there are incidents that need to be addressed. Here are some of the things that we were able to take care of this week:


The system gave my team an alert when one inmate was bragging to his sister how he was getting high in his cell each night. We got another alert when an inmate told his sister to hide her Xanax pills in her bra and pass to him at the visitor center.


The Revered Orange Coast College’s Men’s Rowing Team

Orange Coast College (OCC) participated in this year’s American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship. On the May 27, 2017, competitions held in Gainesville, GA, OCC made it among the top ten teams. Rowing is a serious sport in OCC with a rich history. For over 60 years, rowing has put OCC on the map. The community college prides itself on its 11 national titles including a title won last year. Learn more:

The success of OCC’s men’s rowing team arises from a combination of several factors. First, the college has invested generously in the sport. The college’s boathouse, David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center, houses everything needed for the sport. Some of the boats housed in the facility cost over $55,000. Also, the college has recruited some of the most talented coaches to oversee the development of the rowing team. Cameron Brown is the team’s coach; he was poached from Oklahoma City University. He is assisted by Steve Morris, a former student, who is so passionate about the sport that he never misses a single session of practice. When he was a student in OCC, Morris was an important member of the men’s rowing team. Learn more:

For students such as Daniel Amado, who was the captain of the team in the run-up to the competition, rowing is more than a sport. Through rowing, many students have had a chance to join universities such as UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and Stanford among others. Just last year, a member of the rowing team was awarded a scholarship to study at Boston University. John Kinnear, a member of the rowing team, states that rowing captivates the mind, the body, and builds the spirit of teamwork. Meanwhile, former members of OCC’s rowing team such as Craig Amerkhanian and Steve Morris are still passionate about the sport. Amerkhanian is in charge of Stanford University’s men rowing team.

OCC is among the most populous community colleges in Orange County. However, the college has strived to provide the best learning environment for all its students through modern facilities that are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Recently, the college launched a modern recycling center.