Fabletics Gains Mass Following

Kate Hudson cannot wait to open her new stores for Fabletics. This company has grown in a tremendous way with the online crowd, but Kate Hudson has her sights set on a whole new environment.


Kate is really making it possible for people to look at athletic clothing in a different way. For so long people had put their money into athletic clothing that was somewhat uniform. It looked like everything else that was out there, and there was really no true variety to speak of. Today Kate Hudson has created a brand of athletic clothing that is completely different from what was on the market before.


People are incredibly impressed with Fabletics and the way that this company has evolved. Kate Hudson really takes things to another level with Fabletics in the way that she is marketing this company. She is doing something that many people may not have considered before.


She is the celebrity that is actually appearing in the commercials for the company that she is promoting. This is something that people do not see often. All of the consumers that are buying clothes from Ralph Lauren, for example, have never actually seen him in any commercial. People that are patronizing Sean Combs and the Sean John brand can truly say that he knows a lot of different models that are wearing these clothes, but it is rare to see Combs in one of these print ads himself. The same can be said with other entrepreneurs that launched clothing lines down through the years. People like Tommy Hilfiger never appeared in their own commercials.


It is obvious that Kate Hudson is embarking on a completely new trend. She wants those consumers that are patronizing the brand to know that she is actually using these garments that are produced by Fabletics. She believes that it is much easier for fans to embrace Fabletics when they see her modeling the clothes. This definitely makes more sense than having an unknown model that no one is familiar with in the clothes that are seen in the print ads in a commercial.


Kate realizes her influence, and she definitely makes it clear that she is the one that is promoting his brand. She is just not another face that is connected to Fabletics. To the contrary, Kate Hudson is someone that is helping design and promote the very clothes that she is trying to get others to buy and wear.


This is a good strategy for Kate Hudson because the brand has evolved in such a big way. People are evidently becoming familiar with this brand because Kate is tweeting about it, and her friends are expressing their like for this brand as well. That is always a helpful thing when one is trying to create a brand that will stick around for the long term. It definitely helps to have multiple people that are interested in promoting the brand. This is the way that mass appeal for the brand starts.


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