The Answer to the Issue of Digital Contraband

The main issue with supporting incarcerated individuals with communications technology is the fact that many of them can use it to continue to break the law. Evidence of this can be found throughout the prison system, with inmates smuggling in cell phones in order for them to continue their illegal business outside of jailhouse walls. Securus Technologies is an information technology company that mainly supports inmates as their primary customer base. Business has been good since they opened their doors, but therein lies the problem; how do you adequately monitor prisoners to make sure that the technology you allow them to have is being used in a safe and secure manner? In order to maintain control over use, Securus Technologies has been working hard to develop what they call a wireless containment system. While the system has not been utilized as of yet, it is still an impressive feat, assuming that Securus Technologies can pull it off.


The wireless containment system is a network that acts in a similar fashion to a virtual spiderweb or a blanket. It is being created to cover a specific range, identifying and monitoring every mobile device that accesses a network of WiFi connection in order to communicate with the outside world. Every signal that the containment system pinpoints is identified using the unique IP address issued to all mobile devices. The operator of the system then has the ability to disable the signal, making it impossible for the caller to connect to their target. If successful, this system will be instrumental in diminishing and hopefully eliminating the problem with crime and contraband in the prison system, at least through phone and internet-based communication.


The wireless containment system is still in the testing phase. Securus needs additional time to train operators, work out kinks in the software the system will follow, and install the necessary hardware components to make it function properly. Trial runs of the system will be performed shortly after these initial tests are complete. If this program is able to do what Securus Technologies has created it for then there is no reason why it should not be an effective and reliable method for preventing the rise of digital contraband. If there is one information technology company that is up to the challenge of producing something so advanced then it is definitely Securus; a company that was created for the people in order to provide a safe and secure means for communication, regardless of personal background or past choices in life.



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