Kamil Idris and The Difficulties in Intellectual Rights That Business Start-ups in EU Face Today

The world of business is beset with competition and innovative people that would fight their way to courts to establish ownership of their intellectual properties. Fortunately, there are now laws, mandates and special committees responsible for helping innovative people in business get the proper ownership of their ideas, products or services. But there are still obstacles for business start-ups today regarding intellectual rights. In the Medium post of Kamil Idris, the Director General of World Intellectual Property, these difficulties are most especially observed in European Union.


The Laws That Protect Business Innovators

Without the central components right now of intellectual property, it would be impossible to probably enjoy the products and services that the world currently enjoys today. The four fundamental components of intellectual property ownership, according to Kamil Idris in his post, consist of copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, and patents. All of these components have one thing in common: they grant individuals the proper ownership of their inventions. This means no one else can profit from their own without their consent. They, in short, observe the exclusive rights to using these ideas.



In the case of European Union, there’s an extra layer of challenge. There is more than one unique way of delivering business communication in EU countries, and that would prove hard for inventors and innovators to articulate the unique kind of ownership of their ideas. Fortunately, there’s now an individual governing body created by the EU governments to handle such intellectual property rights issue.


With the help of UPC, or Unified Patent Court, it is now easier to register one’s ideas and implement the ownership across EU countries. However, Kamil Idris thinks that it’s far from perfect, and the European Patent Office has to work harder to make the delivery of the patenting process more efficient and consistent. Also, with the help of particular conventions like the World Intellectual Property Organization day, there is now a better way to link with networks that can help remedy the problem.