OG Juan Perez’s Journey to the Top alongside the legendary Jay Z

OG Juan Perez is the President of Roc Nation Sports and a renowned entrepreneur. He has investments in a wide variety of industries. OG Juan Perez has undertaken many of these investments alongside, the co-founder of Roc Nation, a close friend, and business partner and the music icon, Jay Z. OG Juan Perez was born in Harlem, the U.S. Besides being a successful musician, OG has had the passion of venturing into business and investing in sports. These two factors would go along way in shaping his life and building a sporting and Entertainment Empire from scratch.

Jay Z and Juan Perez met back in 1996 through Kareem Burke, the co-founder of Roc -Fella Records. The two gentlemen clicked immediately due to the common interests they shared and the vision they both had at that time. It was in 2003 that the two decided to partner up and start doing business. The partnership would be the beginning of a bond that would foster the growth of so many things. Jay Z and OG Juan Perez launched a sports bar known as the 40/40 Club. The business grew immensely and opened many branches in several cities such as Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

Recently, the Gazette published an article highlighting Juan Perez’s journey to the top, his relationship with Jay Z, and Roc Nation. The article talks about the shoutout Jay Z gave to Juan Perez in “Everything Is Love,” a joint album that Jay Z did with his wife, Beyonce. Jay Z praises Perez stating that he played a crucial role in building Roc Nation to become what it is today. Furthermore, Roc Nation’s COO, Dez Perez, Juan Perez’s wife, is also said to be closely associated with Jay Z and his family. The article concludes by stating that Jay-Z’s journey to the top has been full of ups and downs. Surprisingly, the celebrity couple has managed to maintain a positive public image over the years.

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